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2U Chassis
2x Hot-swappable PSUs 
4x Input slots
4x Output slots
Up to 8×8 input/output channels
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  • Seamless Switching
    Real-time instant switching. Switching speed is less than 17 milliseconds with no black or blue screen
    No signal latency (zero frame delay)
    Synchronous Audio and Video switching
    Designed for High-Availability and Scalability
    Modular Hardware Architecture
    Redundant Hot-Swappable I/O (Input and Output) Cards
    Redundant Power Supply Units
    Redundant Hot-Swappable System Fan
    Routing configuration: 2 × 2 to 8 × 8
    Maximum data rate: 10.2 Gbps (3.4 Gbps per color)
    Maximum pixel clock: 297 Mhz
    Maximum output resolution up to 4K × 2K, i.e. 4096×2160 at 24 Hz (which is a resolution used with digital theaters) or 3840×2160 (Ultra HD) at 24 Hz/25 Hz/30 Hz
    Diversity of signals: HDMI, DVI, analog VGA, composite video (BNC), component video (BNC)
    Scaling up to 1920 × 1200 for each output
    Supports Audio Embedding and De-Embedding
    EDID Management
    HDCP Compliant
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