Control Console

DCC is control console launched by DigiBird to offer optimal efficiency and comfort for operators in mission critical situations. With ergonomic design, flexible configuration, and integrated intelligence, DCC will deliver unmatched performance to meet any requirements of a control room.

Versatile Options

Floor standing, AL extrusion special side-legs, based on various applications and businesses, DCC offers versatile control consoles to best fit your demand.

Rigid, Robust, Reliable

To ensure the reliability of consoles, DCC utilizes compact laminate to offer water-proof, heat-proof, easy maintenance, and environmental protection performances.

AI Capable

With option to incorporate AI to control consoles, system allows to verify operator identity through face ID authentication. The console and the monitors can be intelligently lifted and flipped respectively to meet the needs of automated office. The console is highly intelligent, full of futuristic, scientific and technological design, make work more efficient.

Tailored Design

From surfaces to accessories, from structure to light strip, user can design their own control consoles. Tell us the dreaming console in your mind, our designer will show you design sketch and make it happen.

Comfort Zone for Operators

The design of control consoles fully considers heat dissipation and cable management, which builds a tidy and comfort zone for operators. The special designed smart cabling channel makes cabling and maintenance much easier.

On-table AV-Hub

Extended AV-Hub with multiple connectors brings abundant conveniences, which allows operator to copy data, play audio, and wireless charging in an easier way without clutter cables.

Situational Awareness

Through working with DigiBird UniManager centralized controller, light strip of console can bind with other devices such as video wall controller, operator will receive alarm notices via light color change in case of any failure of video wall controllers.

Ergonomic Designs

Optimum visual range, operator’s fatigue & equipment layout and other ergonomics factors are strongly considered during our design stage in order to compromise among engineering, health concerns and artificial design, thereby offering a big comfort to our users.

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