4K60 Hybrid Matrix Switcher

Seamless switching with video wall capabilities

HMX2-E Series

HMX2-E Series

4K60 4:4:4 processing, up to 160x 160
Seamless switching without black intervals
Built-in video wall capabilities
Embedded and de-embedded audio switching supported

4K seamless switching

HMX2-E delivers seamless switching experience of 4K60 sources without any black intervals for quality presentations.

Seamless Switching

Self-adjusted resolution

The HMX2-E will auto adjust output resolution to best fit display device when switching difference sources. It offers the flexibility for applications requiring multiple display devices.

Auto adjust resolution according to display

Video wall capabilities

With Integrated video wall function, in addition to independent switching among input sources and displays, HMX2-E can be applied to power video wall as well supporting 2x layers per display.

Video wall capabilities

24x 7 Reliability

Processing is performed via FPGA chips, it rules out the possibilities of system shut down and virus penetration. The device will product itself from any damage when there is unexpected outage. In addition, redundant PSU will enhance reliability by automatically take over whenever there are failed PSU.

24x 7 Reliability







Order Code: Size: Description: Input Cards: Output Cards: Control Cards: PSUs
(Default+ Redundant):
DB-HMX2-E-FR2 2U 2U Chassis, up to 4x input cards, 4x output cards. 4 4 1 1+0
DB-HMX2-E-FR4 4U 4U Chassis, up to 9x input cards, 9x output cards. 9 9 1 1+0
DB-HMX2-E-FR9 9U 9U Chassis, up to 18x input cards, 18x output cards. 18 18 1 1+1
DB-HMX2-E-FR19 19U 19U Chassis, up to 40x input cards, 40x output cards. 40 40 1 1+3
DB-HMX2-E-FR34 34U 34U Chassis, up to 80x input cards, 80x output cards. 80 80 1 1+3










Input Cards
Order Code: Port Type: Description: Ports Qty. Signal Type: Max. Resolution:
DB-HMX2-E-IC-DVI2 DVI 2 channels DVI-D input card. 2 DVI 1920*1200@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-HDMI2 HDMI 2 channels HDMI input card. 2 HDMI 1920*1200@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-SDI2 SDI 2 channels SDI input card. 2 SDI 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-VGA2-M VGA 2 channels VGA input card. 2 VGA 1920*1200@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-YPbPr2-M YPbPr 2 channels YPbPr input card. 2 YPbPr 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-CVBS2-M CVBS 2 channels CVBS input card. 2 CVBS 720*480/720*576
DB-HMX2-E-IC-4KHDMI2 4KHDMI 2 channels HDMI 4K input card. 2 4KHDMI 4096*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-IC-U4KHDMI1 U4KHDMI 1 channel HDMI 4K60 input card. 1 U4KHDMI 4096*2160@60
DB-HMX2-E-IC-4KDP2 4KDP 2 channels DP 4K input card. 2 4KDP 4096*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-IC-4KHDbaseT2 4KHDBaseT 2 channels HDBaseT 4K input card. 2 4KHDBaseT 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-IC-4KIP1 4KIP 1 Channel 4K-IP decoding card 1 4KIP 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-IC-4KOPTS2 4KFiber 2 channels Fiber 4K input card. 2 4KFiber 3840*2160@30
Output Cards
Order Code: Port Type: Description: Ports Qty. Signal Type: Max. Resolution:
DB-HMX2-E-OC-DVI2 DVI 2 channels DVI output card. 2 DVI 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-HDMI2 HDMI 2 channels HDMI output card. 2 HDMI 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KHDMI2 4KHDMI 2 channels HDMI 4K output card. 2 4KHDMI 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-OC-U4KHDMI1 U4KHDMI 2 channels HDMI 4K60 output card. 1 U4KHDMI 4096*2160@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KDP2 4KDP 2 channels DP 4K output card. 2 4KDP 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KOPTS2 4KFiber 2 channels Fiber 4K output card. 2 4KFiber 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KIP1 4KIP 2 channels 4K iP decoding card. 1 4KIP 3840*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KPV IP Preview Card 1 IP
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KHDMI2-M 4KHDMI 2 channels HDMI 4K output card. 2 4KHDMI 4096*2160@30
DB-HMX2-E-OC-HDMI2-M HDMI 2 channels HDMI output card. 2 HDMI 2560*1440@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-DVI2-M DVI 2 channels DVI output card. 2 DVI 2560*1440@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-VGA2-M VGA 2 channels VGA output card. 2 VGA 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-YPBPR2-M YPBPR 2 channels YPbPr output card. 2 YPBPR 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-CVBS2-M CVBS 2 channels CVBS output card. 2 CVBS 720*480/720*576
DB-HMX2-E-OC-SDI2-M SDI 2 channels SDI output card. 2 SDI 1920*1080@60
DB-HMX2-E-OC-4KHDBaseT2-M 4KHDBaseT 2 channels HDbaseT 4K output card. 2 4KHDBaseT 3840*2160@30







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