What is the stream bandwidth of UniStream-T?

Default bandwidth of each stream is 450M per stream. It is adjustable among 300M-900M against demand.

How much of  the latency?

The certificate shows that the latency between source output and display could be less than 16ms. You can not experience any delay visually.

What is the strength when compare to other AV-over-IP solutions?

Besides of matrix switcher, UniStream-T integrated KVM and video wall controller as well. It allows operator to free slide mouses among console monitors in order to manage multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse set only. The solution is well designed for control room and command center applications.

How is the quality for image after compression?

The solution applies DB-VC2 codec which is a light-compression codec created by DigiBird. With chroma subsampling at 4:4:4, it delivers a visually lossless experience when compare to origin source.

What is difference when compare to SDVoE solutions?

UniStream can offer same image quality via 1G network while SDVOE has to use 10G network. When it comes to ultra-scale project, SDVOE requires much higher demand of network capacity which will increase the cost dramatically.