What is the latency of the UniStation transmission?

 Latency of signal transmission from Tx to Rx will be only 16ms. When switching different input sources, latency will not exceed 16ms as well. 

What is the max transmission distance of UniStation?

Transmission distance will be depending on the fiber type and SFP, by using single mode fiber it can transmit up to 2km.

Can mouse cursor move across different monitors on the workspace side?

Yes, it can. Single set mouse and Keyboard set will be able to control multiple PC/Server sources by moving across monitors.

How the UniStation to be integrated with the video wall in control room?

The UniStation itself can connect to video wall panels directly via HDMI which support managing video wall such as signal switching, resizing, moving, overlaying, etc. Operator can manage the video wall from their workspace.

What are the advantages of UniStation fiber KVM solution compare to AV over IP KVM solution?

By its nature, fiber have the bandwidth and transmission speed advantage. While AV over IP solution are concerns about cyber security, fiber solution is much more secure for AV information processing.