Simplify your Complicated Control Room by UniStation

Time :Monday,August 10,2020. View : 798

n a modern control room, the operator requires real-time control access to increasing numbers of servers or computers located in server room, and be capable to push the content to video wall in the control room when necessary. Meanwhile, urge for information security, instant response, comfortable working environment, quick decision making and collaboration between operators is surging. To meet the requirement, normally SI has to integrate different systems to be a complicated and complex solution. But, with UniStation, it is amazingly simple.

UniStation is an AV & KVM over fiber solution, with built-in video wall feature. It simplifies control room complexity by using single UniStation, instead of integrating all independent systems like KVM switcher, matrix switcher, and video wall controller. Obviously, the lesser the device, the easier for management and less point of failure.

The solution consists of Fiber Transmitter, Fiber Receiver and Matrix Chassis. We are offering various input formats as options for server output port, e.g. HDMI, DVI, DP. While Transmission distance is able to reach up to 80km (with supported fiber module) for video and KVM with ‘0’ latency. Each fiber input port with 10G bandwidth allows the connected source to remain in original resolution and transmit without any compression.

Along with more and more computers in the server room and more monitors on the work station, the challenge to improve working efficiency is inevitable. Whereas, UniStation supports free mouse cursor slide among all the monitors with colored frame to indicate which server you are managing. It offers quad-view options as well to monitor more servers at a time.

Live preview could be another feature that will impress you. When there are dozens of servers in the system, switch to the right server is also a challenge. UniStation offers mouse-based OSD menu with live preview, operator can easily switch to whichever server he wants instantly. With this advanced visualization of servers, operator does not need to remember all servers order nor to switch via hotkey, which will improve overall efficiency in operation.

What makes UniStation stands-out when compared to other solutions is the built-in video wall controller. Operator is able to push any source to video wall directly without additional video wall controller. Video wall display supports zooming, PIP, overlay and roaming.